[kepler-dev] complex data types and web service harvester..

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Fri Nov 5 00:18:12 PST 2004

Bertram and Ilkay,

We already host a wiki on the SEEK site and have had great success with 
it.  I've been planning on replacing the kepler web site with a 
kepler-customized verison of the SEEK wiki, but just haven't done it.  
As we already run the SEEK wiki on the same server as the kepler web 
site, we have all ofthe infrastructure in place  to run the kepler wiki 
too.   Let me put up the wiki for kepler there, and then you can let me 
know if you're unhappy with it in any way.  Cheers,


Ilkay Altintas wrote:

>> Oh-- btw: I would like to suggest also to have a Kepler wiki similar
>> to the SEEK wiki. We could have a more high-level
>> user-readable/friendly discussion board this way.
> I think it is a great idea. I have asked to SDSC web group and they 
> said we
> can have it through SDSC's web server facilities. We need to tell them 
> which
> Wiki implementation we want.  They said we can leverage an existing 
> domain
> name or user account under SDSC. We can keep track of write acces, etc...
> And there are some more details to discuss if we wanna do it.
>> So there might be a
>> page for each of the following:
>> (1) Complex XML Schema types and WS-Harvester
>> (2) Kepler actor repository
>> (3) Semantic types
>> (4) ...
>> A stylesheet for the discussion might help, e.g.
>> (A) Intro to the problem/issue
>> (B) Specific issues/suggestions
>> (C) Comments
>> Comments should be open to anyone; other sections of the discussion
>> might only be editable by Kepler members.
>> what do you think?
>> I find both the bugzilla as well as the mailing list not ideal for
>> some of these discussions.. maybe a Wiki-based forum might help to
>> bundle the issues

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