[kepler-dev] complex data types and web service harvester..

Ilkay Altintas altintas at sdsc.edu
Thu Nov 4 22:59:22 PST 2004

Thanks Matt! It sounds great.


On Nov 5, 2004, at 12:18 AM, Matt Jones wrote:

> Bertram and Ilkay,
> We already host a wiki on the SEEK site and have had great success 
> with it.  I've been planning on replacing the kepler web site with a 
> kepler-customized verison of the SEEK wiki, but just haven't done it.  
> As we already run the SEEK wiki on the same server as the kepler web 
> site, we have all ofthe infrastructure in place  to run the kepler 
> wiki too.   Let me put up the wiki for kepler there, and then you can 
> let me know if you're unhappy with it in any way.  Cheers,
> Matt
> Ilkay Altintas wrote:
>>> Oh-- btw: I would like to suggest also to have a Kepler wiki similar
>>> to the SEEK wiki. We could have a more high-level
>>> user-readable/friendly discussion board this way.
>> I think it is a great idea. I have asked to SDSC web group and they 
>> said we
>> can have it through SDSC's web server facilities. We need to tell 
>> them which
>> Wiki implementation we want.  They said we can leverage an existing 
>> domain
>> name or user account under SDSC. We can keep track of write acces, 
>> etc...
>> And there are some more details to discuss if we wanna do it.
>>> So there might be a
>>> page for each of the following:
>>> (1) Complex XML Schema types and WS-Harvester
>>> (2) Kepler actor repository
>>> (3) Semantic types
>>> (4) ...
>>> A stylesheet for the discussion might help, e.g.
>>> (A) Intro to the problem/issue
>>> (B) Specific issues/suggestions
>>> (C) Comments
>>> Comments should be open to anyone; other sections of the discussion
>>> might only be editable by Kepler members.
>>> what do you think?
>>> I find both the bugzilla as well as the mailing list not ideal for
>>> some of these discussions.. maybe a Wiki-based forum might help to
>>> bundle the issues

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