[kepler-dev] Re: Ptolemy II 4.0.1 is available for download

Bertram Ludaescher ludaesch at sdsc.edu
Thu Aug 5 11:35:59 PDT 2004


Are the plans to bring it back later? (I guess it was not yet ready
for "prime time" !?)

For now, I guess Kepler could "adopt the unloved orphan" in the Kepler 

In the mid/long run, I think it will be good to have a set of higher
order actors (as mentioned before, e.g. by Edward).


>>>>> "CB" == Christopher Brooks <cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu> writes:
CB> Hi Xiaowen,
CB> IterateOverArray was dropped from the release, you could try putting
CB> the actor to be applied between ArrayToSequence and SequenceToArray.
CB> You might need to do this inside a SDF composite actor.
CB> Good idea, I'll see about folding StringReverse in to the Ptolemy II
CB> tree.
CB> -Christopher
CB> --------
CB>     Hi Christopher,
CB>     Thanks for releasing Ptolemy II 4.0.1!  I look forward to trying the 
CB>     context menu fix for Linux and the Mac.
CB>     1.  I noticed that the IterateOverArray actor was removed in 4.0.1 and I 
CB>     didn't see a note about why that was done.  I've already started using 
CB>     that actor in my workflows, so I'm sad to see it go.  Will you tell me 
CB>     what happened to it?  Has it been renamed or moved to a different location?
CB>     2.  I'm happy to see the addition of actors in the 
CB>     ptolemy.actor.lib.string package.  String operations are very useful in 
CB>     workflows, and I've been using the expression language to accomplish a 
CB>     lot of this.  For example, I've used <string>.length() to get the string 
CB>     length instead of the StringLength actor.  Using real actors instead of 
CB>     an expression actor may be more readable.  I'd like to suggest that 
CB>     Ptolemy II include a StringReverse actor as well.  I wrote one and 
CB>     checked it into the Kepler repository at 
CB>     src/org/sdm/spa/StringReverse.java.  Reversing a string was not 
CB>     something I could figure out how to do with the expression language 
CB>     because I couldn't find a method in the Java String class API to help 
CB>     with it.  Will you please include something like this in the next release?
CB>     Thanks!
CB>     Xiaowen
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