[kepler-dev] right-click on Mac

Stephen Andrew Neuendorffer neuendor at eecs.berkeley.edu
Wed Apr 28 08:59:50 PDT 2004

At 01:49 PM 4/27/2004, Xiaowen Xin wrote:
>Hi Christopher,
>I see what you mean.  Thanks for the explanation!
>I just noticed that shift-click works for creating a connection between
>an external port and a relation.  Have you tried it?

We tried this in 3.0... it turns out to not work sell because shift-click is
used for other things as well.

>If it's identical in functionality to control-click, then we could have
>control-click bring up the context menu on Macs.

In 4.0, there is code in vergil to bind meta-click (open-apple, I believe) to
create connections instead of control-click.  This should work, but hasn't been
heavily tested... It would be helpful if you could try this in practice and 
see if you
run into difficulties.


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