[kepler-dev] right-click on Mac

Stephen Andrew Neuendorffer neuendor at eecs.berkeley.edu
Wed Apr 28 08:56:32 PDT 2004

At 02:12 PM 4/27/2004, Edward A Lee wrote:
>At 01:49 PM 4/27/2004 -0700, Xiaowen Xin wrote:
>>A couple of other things to ponder over:
>>1. How feasible would it be to treat connections the same way you treat
>>relations by having a connection icon on the toolbar and if users need
>>to connect a relation with an external port, they could click on it,
>>then drag the black line that appears to whereever they need it?

It makes the user interface stateful, which greatly increases the 
congnitive load of using it...
Many bad UI's do this.

>>2. Maybe we could draw the external ports the same way we draw
>>actors--put a triangle on it, so that users can click and drag from that
>>triangle, which would create a connection.  If they click somewhere else
>>and drag, then they would be moving the entire port.

possible...  One difficulty is making good looking diagrams while also making
both points obviously distinct and large enough to click on separately.


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