[seek] requesting information for SEEK annual report

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Mon May 16 12:18:03 PDT 2005


Our annual report will be due at the end of June, so I am writing to get
information that you have about your activities this year.

ACTION ITEM: Submit information described below to me by June 10, 2005

Our report from last year is in CVS here:

You can use the previous report and just update it.

In particular, from every participant I need the following:

1) List of publications
   See last year's list -- you only need to provide new
   citations or updates to the pub status (accepted, in press,
   submitted) of the existing ones and full citation infor for new pubs,
   and whether SEEK was acknowledged in the paper.  Please coordinate
   this list with others in your lab to minimize duplicates, but I would
   rather sort through duplicates than miss anything
2) List of students -- if you have a student on the project this year, I
   need their full name, email, and a sentence or two about their role
3) A brief paragraph describing your activities
4) a brief paragraph describing your findings and results
5) Any major collaborations that have arisen because of SEEK

I will assemble and edit these materials and ask for additional
assistance from each of the subgroup leaders.

Thank you,

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