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                        Call for PARTICIPATION
                    2nd International Workshop on
          Data Integration in the Life Sciences (DILS 2005)
                 University of California, San Diego
                          July 20 - 22, 2005

           *** EARLY-BIRD Registration ENDS June 30 !! ***

Industrial/Academic/Student: $200/$175/$100 (before July 1st)
Industrial/Academic/Student: $250/$220/$150 (after July 1st)

Online registration at:

* KEYNOTE TALKS (http://www.syncenter.org/dils2005/Keynote_Speakers):

- "Curated Databases", Peter Buneman, School of Informatics and
  Digital Curation Centre, University of Edinburgh

- "Challenges in Biological Data Integration in the Post-Genome
  Sequence Era", Shankar Subramaniam, Department of Bioengineering and
  San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego

--------------------Wednesday 4pm, July 20, 2005----------------------
- Challenges in Providing Long Lived Integrated Information Resources
  for Biologists, Susan Baxter (Natl. Center for Genome Resources)
- Eco-Informatics for Decision Makers: Advancing a Research Agenda,
  Judy Cushing (Evergreen College), Tyrone Wilson (USGS)  

- Support for BioIndexing in BLASTgres, Ruey-Lung Hsiao, D. Stott
  Parker, Hung-chih Yang
- An Environment to Define and Execute In-Silico Workflows Using Web
  Services, Rafael Targino, Maria Claudia Cavalcanti, Marta Mattoso
- Web Service Mining for Biological Pathway Discovery, George Zheng,
  Athman Bouguettaya
- SemanticBio: building conceptual scientific workflows over web
  services, Zoe Lacroix, Herv=E9 M=E9nager
- PLATCOM: Current Status and Plan for the Next Stages, Kwangmin Choi,
  Jeong-Hyeon Choi, Sun Kim, Amit Saple, Zhiping Wang, Jason Lee 
- Integration of Interaction Databases Using Web Services, Seong Joon Yoo
- Collaborative Curation of Data from Bio-medical Texts and Abstracts
  and its integration, Chitta Baral, Hasan Davulcu, Mutsumi Nakamura,
  Prabhdeep Singh, Luis Tari, Lian Yu
- Towards the paradigm of an ontology-based user interface: from
  simple knowledge maps to graphical query language, Serguei Krivov,
  Ferdinando Villa 

--------------------Thursday July 21, 2005----------------------------
* KEYNOTE: Challenges in Biological Data Integration in the
  Post-Genome Sequence Era, Shankar Subramaniam (UCSD) 

- A User-centric Framework for Accessing Biological Sources and Tools,
  Sarah Cohen-Boulakia, Susan Davidson, Christine Froidevaux
- BioLog: A Browser Based Collaboration and Resource Navigation
  Assistant for BioMedical Researchers, Prabhdeep Singh, Ravi
  Bhimavarapu, Hasan Davulcu, Chitta Baral, Seungchan Kim, Huan Liu,
  Mike Bittner, I.V. Ramakrishnan
- Learning Layouts of Biological Datasets Semi-Automatically, Kaushik
  Sinha, Xuan Zhang, Ruoming Jin, Gagan Agrawal 

- Factors affecting ontology development in ecology, C. Maria Keet
- Querying ontologies in relational database systems, 
  Silke Trissl, Ulf Leser 
- Scientific names are ambiguous as identifiers for biological taxa:
  their context and definition are required for accurate data
  integration, Jessie Kennedy, Trevor Paterson, Robert Kukla 

- Integrating Heterogeneous Microarray Data Sources Using Correlation
  Signatures, Jaewoo Kang, Jiong Yang, Wanhong Xu, Pankaj Chopra
- Knowledge-Based Integrative Framework for Hypothesis Formation in
  Biochemical Networks, Nam Tran, Chitta Baral, Vinay Nagaraj, Lokesh


--------------------Friday July 22, 2005------------------------------
* KEYNOTE, Curated Databases, Peter Buneman (University of Edinburgh)

- The Multiple Roles of Ontologies in the BioMediator Data Integration
  System, Peter Mork, Ron Shaker, Peter Tarczy-Hornoch
- Semantic Correspondence in Federated Life Science Data Integration
  Systems, Malika Mahoui, Harshad Kulkarni, Nianhua Li, Zina
  Ben-Miled, Katy Borner
- An architecture and application for integrating curation data at the
  residue level for proteins, Mehmet Dalkilic
- The Biozon system for complex analysis of heterogeneous interrelated
  biological data and discovery of emergent structures, Golan Yona,
  Aaron Birkland   

- BIRN: The Metropolis Mediator System, Vadim Astakhov (UCSD) et al.
- SEEK: Data Integration and Workflow Solutions for Ecology, William
  Michener (American Institute of Biological Sciences & LTER) et al. 

- Assigning Unique Keys to Chemical Compounds for data integration:
  some interesting counterexamples, Greeshma Neglur, Robert Grossman,
  Bing Liu
- Integrating and Warehousing Liver Gene Expression Data and Related
  Biomedical Resources in GEDAW, Emilie Gu=E9rin, Gwenaelle Marquet,
  Anita Burgun, Olivier Lor=E9ral, Laure Berti-Equille, Ulf Leser,
  Fouzia Moussouni
- Information Integration and Knowledge Acquisition from Semantically
  Heterogeneous Biological Data Sources, Doina Caragea, Jyotishman
  Pathak, Jie Bao, Adrian Silvescu, Andorf Carson, Drena Dobbs, Vasant

- Building a Generic Platform for Medical Screening Applications based
  on Domain Specific Modeling and Process Orientation, Stefan Jablonski,
  Rainer Lay, Sascha Mueller, Christian Meiler, Matthias Faerber, Victor
  Derhartunian, Georg Michelson
- Automatic Generation of Data Types for Classification of DeepWeb
  Sources,David Buttler, Terence Critchlow, Anne Ngu
- BioNavigation: Selecting Optimum Paths through Biological Resources
  to Evaluate Ontological Navigational Queries, Zoe Lacroix, Kaushal
  Parekh, Maria-Esther Vidal, Marelis Cardenas, Natalia Marquez 

- Cluster based Integration of Heterogeneous Biological Databases
  using the AutoMed toolkit, Michael Maibaum, Lucas Zamboulis, Galia
  Rimon, Nigel Martin, Alexandra Poulovassilis
- Hybrid Integration of Molecular-biological Annotation Data, Toralf
  Kirsten, Hong-Hai Do, Christine K=F6rner, Erhard Rahm
- Automatic Annotation of Metabolomic Mass Spectra, Oliver Fiehn, Gert
  Wohlgemuth, Martin
- Performance-Oriented Privacy-Preserving Data Integration, Raymond
  Pon, Terence Critchlow 

- The Electronic Health Record of the Future: Integrating Molecular
       DILS gratefully acknowledges support from our sponsors:
 Microsoft Research, American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA),
    UC Davis Genome Center, U Maryland Center for Bioinformatics &
 Computational Biology, San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego

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