[seek-logistics] CRITICAL: oct SEEK meeting arrangements

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Tue Sep 9 14:10:14 PDT 2003


We've got a great technical meeting coming together for our trip to 
Santa Barbara in October.  For those of you who are attending the SEEK 
technical meeting in Santa Barbara next month, this email contains 
important logistics information.

*** YOU need to reserve your own airline ticket asap. Details below...

The meeting will be held from 8:00 am Oct 22 to 4pm Oct 26.  Travel for 
most of you will need to be on Oct 21 and Oct 27 to fully participate in 
the meeting.

Your hotel room at the Upham will be reserved for you once you have made 
your travel arrangements and have sent your itinerary to Pam (see 
below), so please do not delay in making these arrangements.

I have included a rough agenda and the current list of participants 
below. A more detailed agenda will follow in a couple of weeks. Looking 
forward to seeing you in Santa Barbara,


Please call Rio Grande Travel 1-800-778-6861 or 505/768-7999 as soon as 
possible and ask for a UNM Representative.  You may also contact the 
following representatives directly for assistance:  Rita Ortiz at
RitaO at RGTravel.com, Tracey Fria at TraceyF at RGTravel.com or Jolene France 
at JoleneF at RGTravel.com  Tell the agent that the LTER Network Office at 
UNM (contact: Pam Griego) is paying for your ticket.  If you have any 
other problems, please e-mail the manager, Doris Phillips, 
DorisP at RGTravel.com with a copy to pgriego at LTERnet.edu.  Once you have 
made and approved your reservation, Rio Grande will forward the 
itinerary to the Network Office, which will pay for the ticket.

If you wish to purchase the airline ticket yourself, please e-mail Pam 
Griego your arrival/departure dates/times, flight number and the amount 
of the ticket.  Reimbursement for the ticket will be made after the meeting.

NOTE: Any airline reservations made within 21 days of the initiation of 
travel will have to be paid for by the traveler and will be reimbursed 
at the APEX 21-day advance purchase rate.  Failure to make reservations 
in a timely fashion may therefore have serious personal financial 

Date         Session
------       -------
Oct 21:      evening arrivals
Oct 22:      EcoGrid (8:00 am)
Oct 23:      KR/SMS                 <--ERE pres 9-9:45 am
Oct 24:      AMS
Oct 25:      KR/SMS
Oct 26:      AMS morning
              Afternoon: Integration of EcoGrid, KR, SMS, AMS
              adjourn 4:00 pm
              departures after 6pm

I am pretty sure most people listed will be coming, but those with a ? 
after thier name are not confirmed. People with an asterisk (*) are 
local to Santa Barbara.

Ricardo Pereira (probably)
Dave Vieglais
EcoGrid Programmer @ Kansas TBN (probably)

Chad Berkley *
Dan Higgins *
Matt Jones
Serguei Krivov (U of Vermont)
Jim Reichman *
Mark Schildhauer *
Jing Tao *
Ferdinando Villa (U of Vermont)
Rich Williams (arrives late on Oct 22)

Shawn Bowers
Bertram Ludaescher
Arcot Rajasekar
David Stockwell
Jenny Wang
Yang Yu
Bing Zhu

James Brunt ?
Peter McCartney (Arizona State University) ?
William Michener
Deana Pennington
Amy Sundermier (Arizona State University) ?

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