[seek-kr-sms] Growl/jena first alpha release

Serguei Krivov Serguei.Krivov at uvm.edu
Wed Apr 13 08:26:37 PDT 2005

Dear all,

Here is the first alpha release of jena based GrOWL:


To install: Unzip it 

To Run: Use script files in the root (ontobrowser)  directory


It is also in CVS, naturaly.


What is new in this version besides Jena backend? 

1. As a response to some of the comment given during Kansas meeting I added
graphic filters that allow to view separately

-Class definitions,


-(named) Superclasses,




of a *selected* class node.


This apparently simple addition makes a serious improvement in the clarity
of presentation during browsing.


The selection of filter is currently made via combo box on the toolbar, but
I am not sure that it is the best way. May be a toolbar button for each
filter a better idea, please advice. 


Combination of filters and class tree selector makes browsing discreet in
that sense that user could bring up exactly what he/she wishes to see - no
more nor less.


2. Saving the layout (I have already mentioned this feature in previous

While saving the ontology file growl saves the current layout in a separate
xml file. If during opening the file layout file is found , growl starts in
static layout mode.



Although I have done extensive  debugging of this version, this is still
just first alpha release and it is incomplete and unstable. At the moment
saving works only for simple ontologies and I yet have to resolve the issue
with saving main ontology only, ignoring imports. 


Nevertheless I would appreciate any specific bug reports.




Even after all forced garbage collection tricks, that improved the speed of
this version form intolerably slow to reasonable  Jena library  still slows
down the layout algorithm due to memory consumption and the difference in
performance with OWLAPI version is noticeable. I noticed that there is some
development on OWLAPI side.

May be we should go back to OWLAPI version?


I would appreciate any comments.







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