[Seek-kr-sms] [seek-kr-sms] peer-to-peer ontology editing using jxta

Peter McCartney peter.mccartney at asu.edu
Fri Apr 1 09:29:58 PST 2005


it took me a while to get around to responding to this but here goes.
what you are saying seems to be right on target with the LTER community.
WE have had some disucssions that suggest that people see strong
advantages to adopting knowledge representation simply to provide a
common library of measurement types, even if they are not articulated
into an ontology that supports all the promised semantic mediation etc.
People are very frustrated at putting lots of effort into EML yet still
not being able to define their data in any meaningful way based on
shared concepts. We are having a workshop in montreal at our august
meeting to start laying the groundwork for how LTER IMs can start
contributing their measurement ontologies.  A simple online entry system
would be great for jumpstarting a community effort in this.

depending on the dates and funding, would you be interested in attending

	On Thu, 2005-03-10 at 07:31 -0700, Ferdinando Villa wrote:
> Hey Matt,
> thanks for the link. On this topic and possibly of interest for SEEK:
> in 
> an EU project I'm involved in we're facing the challenge of having a 
> large community define consensual ontologies for data/model
> integration, 
> but there's no realistic hope to bring that community (agricultural)
> to 
> speed on KR concepts (I'm having serious trouble with the
> The most you can ask is have them develop a controlled vocabulary and
> a 
> sketch of relationships, that a KR team can later crystallize into a 
> formal ontology. I think this reflects a maximum likelihood scenario
> - 
> projects that need semantic annotation but can't print the word 
> "ontology" in the user manual! So I'm exploring the idea of a Wiki 
> tailored to the purpose, where people can discuss freely but have 
> specific wiki tags for concepts and relationships, an intuitive 
> interface with up-to-date growl-like graphical depiction of the 
> knowledge gathered so far, and a background information extraction 
> process that collects tags from the wiki pages and does a first pass
> of 
> formalization in real time. I know there are a few projects along
> those 
> lines:
> http://platypuswiki.sourceforge.net/ 
> http://rhizome.liminalzone.org 
> http://www.gnowsis.org 
> http://www.ideagraph.net 
> http://www.xam.de/ 
> http://infomesh.net/2001/05/sw/#rdfwiki
> but so far I haven't seen any serious alternative to writing it 
> ourselves on top of an existing wiki. Still I think it's a valid
> "other" 
> approach to collaborative knowledge editors, which are out of the 
> question for certain communities. Is this anything that other KR/SMS 
> people have been thinking about or are interested in?
> Ciao f
> On Wed, 2005-03-09 at 20:40, Matt Jones wrote: 
> > Sergui et al., 
> >  
> > While exploring JXTA for use in distributed computing for Kepler, I
> came  
> > across this innovative use of JXTA to build a collabroative
> ontology  
> > editor.  Thought you might be interested. 
> >  
> > http://www.jxta.org/research/P02-GeraldoCoppeer.pdf 
> >  
> > Matt 
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