[seek-kr-sms] GrOWL new GUI

Serguei Krivov Serguei.Krivov at uvm.edu
Mon May 10 12:12:38 PDT 2004

Hi All,
I set up a reasonably stable GrOWL applet with all new GUI at:

Try all buttons; try to select objects, relations. Press left mouse
button (scroll) or middle button(zoom) on free space then try to drag
and see what happen.  

Rich, Ferdinando, and I spend a lot of time for optimizing the graphic
model of owl constructs. The present look and feel is close to the
final, only property hierarchy is missing. I believe it is the best what
we can get for OWL and DL based systems. Apparently there is no good
universal model which would suite both OWL, F-Logic and others. 

(the present jar is for applet only, just tested on windows, always
worked well on Linux, never worked well on Mac)



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