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Serguei Krivov Serguei.Krivov at uvm.edu
Fri Jan 23 12:15:26 PST 2004

Rich, I, and Ferdinando have started discussing the problem of graphic
format for owl . We came to a set of issues which require wider
discussion- the issues which are of concerns for users, rather then for
developers. I would invite you to download the pre-pre-beta growl editor
Make "growl" directory and unzip the files there. To run, cd to growl
directory and use: 
java -cp
There is a batch file for Windows. There is one ontology camera.owl
which editor shows as intended. Many complex ontologies it does not show
correctly, no editing supported at this point, but this does not matter.
At this point we need to find a nice format for anonymous cases ,
unions, intersections ,and other things. Please compare camera.owl with
its graphic representation and let me know what you think. On
Tuesday-Wednsday, or so I will compile the set of issues we have and
then consider the alternatives we have, so that you all  may advice us
to choose the least evil one, or even find a good one.
Serguei Krivov, Ph.D. Gund Institute for Ecological Economics,
University of Vermont; 590 Main St. Burlington VT 05405
phone: (802)-656-2978
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