[seek-dev] Reporting 2.3 Suite Released

Derik Barseghian barseghian at nceas.ucsb.edu
Fri Jan 20 13:01:52 PST 2012

The Kepler Project is pleased to announce the release of the Reporting 2.3 add-on module suite for Kepler 2.3. The Reporting module adds useful features to the Kepler scientific workflow system, including the ability to track the provenance of workflow results, design reports displaying results, and manage workflow runs.

Reporting 2.3 addresses many bugs, adds new features, and makes many improvements to the GUIs of Reporting 2.1. A new Workflow Scheduler suite is also included, enabling users to schedule workflows for periodic execution by a remote Kepler server.

To download and install Reporting 2.3, first install Kepler 2.3. Kepler 2.3 should be installed using an installer: 

Then open the Module Manager from the Kepler 2.3 Tools menu, change to the Available Suites and Modules tab, select and move to the Selected Modules area the reporting-2.3 suite, and click Apply and Restart.

Reporting is comprised of five add-on module suites: Reporting, Workflow Run Manager, Provenance, Tagging, and the Workflow Scheduler GUI.

* Workflow Scheduler GUI *
The Workflow Scheduler GUI provides a means of scheduling workflows for periodic execution on a remote server running Kepler. Reports generated from executions may be stored on a remote repository, accessible from the web and from within Kepler. The Workflow Scheduler is available in the Kepler Tools menu.

* Tagging *
The Tagging module provides a means for managing and organizing workflows and workflow executions. A user may label a workflow or execution with a predefined tag, or one of their making. The Tagging drop-down menu is accessible from the Kepler toolbar.

* Provenance *
The Provenance module provides functionality for capturing and querying workflow execution history stored locally on your computer. Provenance recording is enabled and disabled with a single click of the "P" button in the Kepler toolbar.

* Workflow Run Manager *
The Workflow Run Manager provides a way to manage workflow execution data stored by the Provenance module, and for accessing execution traces ("run-kars") stored on a remote repository. Executions may be searched, tagged, deleted, exported, imported, or uploaded to a remote repository.

* Reporting *
Reporting provides an interface for creating report designs for Kepler workflows. On workflow execution, a report instance pdf is generated from the design. Reporting provides a convenient way to highlight and share particular workflow results.

Further Reading
Detailed documentation for each of these modules is available from the Kepler Help => Modules Documentation menu, or online:

Details on bugs fixed in this release may be found here:

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