[seek-dev] Kepler 2.3 Released

Derik Barseghian barseghian at nceas.ucsb.edu
Fri Jan 20 12:57:01 PST 2012

The Kepler Project is pleased to announce the release of Kepler 2.3, an open-source system for designing, executing, and tracking results from scientific workflows. 

Kepler 2.3 is an incremental improvement upon 2.2. It contains many bug fixes and infrastructure improvements, paving the way for smoother minor, patch, and 3rd party add-on module releases in the future. Some improvements and additions to the GUI will also be noticed, including preliminary support for exporting workflows to static images and html, and a vastly improved Automate Layout feature.

Important Note
We highly recommend users first uninstall any prior versions of Kepler before installing 2.3 using the appropriate installer, as the startup icons for older instances of Kepler can stop functioning after installing 2.3.

If you're an advanced user or developer that would like to continue using an older 2.x version in conjunction with 2.3, you may download and install the older version using the 2.3 Module Manager.

Installation of Kepler 2.3 through the Kepler 2.2 Module Manager is *not* recommended.

To install, please uninstall old versions of Kepler, and then visit:

Further Reading
For a detailed list of bug fixes included in this release, visit:

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