[seek-dev] Reporting, Workflow Run Manager, Provenance, and Tagging suites released

Derik Barseghian barseghian at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Sep 30 16:48:23 PDT 2010

  The Kepler Project is pleased to announce the availability of the 
Reporting, Workflow Run Manager, Provenance, and Tagging add-on module 
suites for Kepler 2.1. These suites may be downloaded and installed 
using the Module Manager, accessible from the Tools menu in Kepler. In 
the Module Manager, change to the Available Modules Tab, and move the 
suite you would you like to use into the Selected Modules area. 
Reporting uses the Workflow Run Manager, which uses Provenance, which 
uses Tagging. If you are interested in trying the new functionality 
provided by all four suites, simply move the Reporting suite into your 
Selected Modules area and click Apply and Restart.

* Tagging *
The Tagging suite facilitates annotating your workflows and workflow 
runs in a fairly free-form manner. Tags are ontological concepts 
described using OWL (Web Ontology Language). This lets the concepts 
share complex interrelations. Tags assigned to a workflow are 
automatically assigned to any runs of that workflow. This allows you to 
tag based on a run-specific property (e.g. an exception was thrown 
during workflow execution) or on an inherent property of the particular 
workflow. For more details, see the Tagging documentation:

* Provenance *
The Provenance suite tracks lineage of workflows and their data 
products. By default, provenance records workflow execution details into 
a local database stored on your computer in 
KeplerData/modules/provenance/. Recording may be toggled on and off 
using the Provenance Recorder button in the Kepler toolbar. For more 
details, see:

* Workflow Run Manager *
The Workflow Run Manager suite provides a GUI for managing workflow 
execution history ("workflow runs") stored by the Provenance module. 
Past workflows and their associated reports may be easily browsed using 
the Workflow Run Manager. Workflow runs may also be searched, tagged, 
deleted, exported, imported, or uploaded to a remote repository. For 
more details, see:

* Reporting *
The Reporting suite provides GUIs for easily generating reports from 
Kepler workflows runs. As you design a workflow, you may also design a 
report layout based on this workflow. After execution, a report is 
generated using the design layout, filling in any necessary data values 
captured by Provenance during execution. For more details, see:

This work was completed beneath the REAP and SANParks projects. REAP is 
funded by the National Science Foundation under award 0619060. SANParks 
is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Provenance was supported 
by DOE grant DE-FC02-01ER25486 for SciDAC/SDM, NSF CEO:P Award No. DBI 
0619060 for REAP and NSF SDCI Award OCI-0722079 for Kepler/CORE.


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