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Bertram Ludaescher ludaesch at cs.ucdavis.edu
Fri Sep 16 18:24:22 PDT 2005


Shouldn't the quick search also go against the actors and workflows in the
"Kepler repository"? I'm concerned that by making datasets and actors and
workflows all one and the same, and have those queried via the EcoGrid
mechanisms and then via Metacat and similar system that we have a system
that has lots and lots of indirections and dependencies.
(also that GAMA stuff I read these days on kepler-dev scares me a bit in
for similar reasons ;-)

Many queries and questions might be "one-time" -- any "caching
solutions" that might be coming up wouldn't address the inefficiencies of
the complex system.

Something tells me that what we should go more towards "lean and mean" and
a bit away from "big and bulky". OK -- I cna make htat more specific
sometime. Just a general concern that keeps coming up every now and
then... (and I think with some of the grid-service stuff, and maybe even
with XML databases, we might have paid a price for going with the
"grand solution" instead of the lean and mean first..)


On Fri, 16 Sep 2005, Matt Jones wrote:

> Jing,
> Could you modify the current QuickSearch in Kepler against EML and make 
> sure that it is searching the taxonomic fields, mainly "taxonRankValue", 
> along with the other title/abstract/keywords/creator fields?  That way, 
> when someone searches for a scientific name in Kepler they should get 
> results back from both EML and DarwinCore.  Thanks.
> Matt
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