[seek-dev] query errors

Dan Higgins higgins at nceas.ucsb.edu
Fri Feb 4 08:57:03 PST 2005

    I think we may be having several problems. From a message I saw 
yesterday, the SRB was having trouble. This would affect the installer 
version. Rod changed a number of things in the head of cvs and there are 
apparently some problems with some of these changes. Afraid I don't have 
any quick fix. :-( . Jing and I will take a look


Deana Pennington wrote:

> Jing, Rod, and whoever else might need to know this...
> We're getting query errors with both the cvs version and the install 
> version.  When I search in the cvs version for "GCE" or "IPCC", both 
> of which have metadata stored in metacat but data stored elsewhere 
> (GCE/SRB), I get an uninformative error message that says there was an 
> error in the query.  I get no files returned for GCE, get some files 
> returned for IPCC.  If I search for my test data that is stored in 
> metacat, I get it with no problem.   When I do the same searches with 
> the install version, I don't get an error message, but I also don't 
> get any data returned.
> We're going to demo Kepler during our training workshop this afternoon 
> (2pm MST), so any fixes you can do before that would be greatly 
> appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Deana

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