[seek-dev] query errors

Deana Pennington dpennington at lternet.edu
Fri Feb 4 07:19:34 PST 2005

Jing, Rod, and whoever else might need to know this...

We're getting query errors with both the cvs version and the install 
version.  When I search in the cvs version for "GCE" or "IPCC", both of 
which have metadata stored in metacat but data stored elsewhere 
(GCE/SRB), I get an uninformative error message that says there was an 
error in the query.  I get no files returned for GCE, get some files 
returned for IPCC.  If I search for my test data that is stored in 
metacat, I get it with no problem.   When I do the same searches with 
the install version, I don't get an error message, but I also don't get 
any data returned.

We're going to demo Kepler during our training workshop this afternoon 
(2pm MST), so any fixes you can do before that would be greatly 



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