[seek-dev] data integration use cases

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Apr 7 12:35:19 PDT 2005

Hi Jenny,

Just the other day Deana Pennington told me she would try to track down 
the specific notes  of the BEAM meeting and try to summarize the data 
integration use cases from the meeting.  I'll ask her to announce on 
seek-dev when she's found and summarized that stuff.  We'll then be able 
to discuss it in May.

Will you be coming to the May meeting?  I've been hoping so because it 
would be good to consider how a tool like SCIA (or its underlying 
technologies) facilitate the data and model integration tasks in kepler.


Jenny Guilian WANG wrote:
> Hi Matt,
>>From your email regarding the suggested ecogrid tasks, I see you
> will talk about
> semi-automated
> data integration at the May developers meeting. Where can we
> get the use cases identified in beam
> biodiversity meeting? It seems very relevant to our work, I hope to check
> out if our schema mapping
> tool scia may be directly applied or adjusted to it.
> We are improving scia in order to make it really useful for data
> transformation and integration in practice. We are trying to make sure it
> can handle much more complicated schemas like EML and ADN, and ontologies,
> while adding more uses of constraints in the matching and view generation
> algorithms and improving its GUI. As you know, we are looking
> for more
> funding to support the work.
> Your information and help will be appreciated very much!
> Cheers,
> Jenny

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