[seek-dev] suggested Ecogrid tasks

Bing Zhu bzhu at sdsc.edu
Wed Apr 6 19:43:49 PDT 2005


After talked with Raja, we suggested the following tasks for
Ecogrid development.

1. Ecogrid web page development for
     - upload Eco-data into SEEK data repositories (Metacat, SRB, DiGir,
     - search and view SEEK Eco-data
     - submit computational jobs in Ecogrid

1. Deployment of Condor to Ecogrid for distributed job submission.
     This is a feedback from Raja's talk in SEEK workshop in Jan.
     Most probably we will use the approach of Minigrid from UK.
     We are aware of the similar R&D work by you and Ilkay for a Kepler
     solution. I didn't see the conflict between these two efforts.

3. Build SEEK digital library -- This is a huge job and will
     be very useful for SEEK project and Eco-scientists in general.
     Basically we would find any public Eco data and mine those data into
     Metacat (if XML documents) or SRB (if a file, e.g. image, acoustic
     data, etc).
     And also the data collected in our Ecogrid can provide useful info for
     other SEEK groups such as Taxonomy and modeling.
     Actually there are a lot of Eco data just at SDSC. We need to
     talk to those domain scientists and mine their data into SEEK
     data repositories. It is conceivable that collecting eco-data can be
     our big useful task.

Ecogrid Team
SEEK project
Bing Zhu
Programmer/Analyst III
San Diego Supercomputer Center
bzhu at sdsc.edu

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