[seek-dev] Ltergrid / ecogrid security discussion at ecogrid breakout meeting at seek ahm

James W Brunt jbrunt at lternet.edu
Thu Oct 7 10:46:48 PDT 2004

Ecogridders -

Charged by Matt with looking at options for certificate management and 
authentication, I included this topic in meetings we're having with GRID 
NMI group on developing a global IT infrastructure for LTER - LTERGrid. 
By the end of our second meeting there was a lot of interest by NMI in 
trying to adapt a software stack solution that they maintain for GEON 
and BIRN to Ecogrid. A number of the folks we're (LTER) interacting with 
are coming to the all-hands meeting and I'd like to have an hour of the 
ecogrid breakout group time to introduce what they are doing with us and 
to discuss the options at hand for dealing with security including the 
certificate authority and authentication issues. Those I think that are 
coming are John McGhee, Randy Butler, and Von Welch. I'll also forward a 
document along shortly that discusses these security options.



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