[seek-dev] Re: proposed gwsdl for Ecogrid registry service

Rod Spears rods at ku.edu
Fri Oct 1 11:36:18 PDT 2004

Looks good.


Bing Zhu wrote:

>Matt, Raja, Jing, Rod:
>Attached is a proposed version of gwsdl for Ecogrid registry service.
>The toughest part is the query. Currently I put two operations,
>    GetAllServices(String sessionId) --> for getting all existing ecogrid
>    QueryEcogridService(String sessionId, String queryField) -->
>       the query field can be one of the ByName, ByType, ByUrl,
>ByClassification and ByEndpoint.
>    Both operations return an array of Ecogrid service objects if
>The difficulty in designing query operations is that how flexible the query
>operations are
>and what we can expect user's requirements in querying Ecogrid registry
>Jing is the first customer for this service since he needs this in Kepler. I
>wonder if the above
>two operations fit his requirement.
>Another part is that I am not sure about what kinds of 'serviceType' we
>are going to have. Currently it is just a string field.
>Let me know.

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