[seek-dev] proposed gwsdl for Ecogrid registry service

Bing Zhu bzhu at sdsc.edu
Fri Oct 1 11:13:06 PDT 2004

Matt, Raja, Jing, Rod:

Attached is a proposed version of gwsdl for Ecogrid registry service.

The toughest part is the query. Currently I put two operations,

    GetAllServices(String sessionId) --> for getting all existing ecogrid
    QueryEcogridService(String sessionId, String queryField) -->
       the query field can be one of the ByName, ByType, ByUrl,
ByClassification and ByEndpoint.

    Both operations return an array of Ecogrid service objects if

The difficulty in designing query operations is that how flexible the query
operations are
and what we can expect user's requirements in querying Ecogrid registry
Jing is the first customer for this service since he needs this in Kepler. I
wonder if the above
two operations fit his requirement.

Another part is that I am not sure about what kinds of 'serviceType' we
are going to have. Currently it is just a string field.

Let me know.

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