[seek-dev] SEEK Training in January: need Digir info

Bing Zhu bzhu at sdsc.edu
Mon Nov 29 11:48:20 PST 2004


Raja will give talks in SEEK Training in January. So we need to provide some
materials and examples from current Ecogrid R&D.

Would you please send me followings before Dec 10, 2005.

1. An introduction to Digir.
       - One/two presentation slide(s) along with a picture will be perfect.

2. Ecogrid GSH(s) for Digir system
       - testing database is fine but must be fully functional for
         current Ecogrid functions.

3. An example along with explanation for the example (what it is doing)
    for each Ecogrid function of:
        - query
        - get

Once these are ready, I will test them, have them ready by Dec 15 and
then hand them to Raja.

(I am also sending a mail to Jing for Metacat. And I am taking care above
 things for SRB.)

Thank you.


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this is the one...

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Hi Samantha
	Do you want us to book the rooms in the hotel?
	I plan to drive over with my family (combine some bus and


PS: I will send you details soon about the software...

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On Wed, 10 Nov 2004, Samantha Romanello wrote:

> Hi All
> I would like tot thank you for your participation in the upcoming SEEK
> training.  In preparation for the training I have a few logistical
> items.  ***important to note that UNM (i.e., LTER network office)  is
> OFFICIALLY closed from December 23rd until January 3rd so there will be
> limited services during that time.
> 1. Please schedule your arrival at the Albuquerque, New Mexico Airport
> for anytime the day before your scheduled. Departure times can be
> scheduled after 6 pm on the day you are scheduled. (see arrangement
> information below which includes hotel and travel).  If you have
> questions on this please contact Pam Madrid (pgriego at LTERnet.edu or Katy
> Perry (kperry at LTERnet.edu).
> 2.  Please double check the agenda.  I am aware that the database day is
> going through some changes but other than that the schedule should be
> pretty set.
> 3.  I have attached a power point design...please use this for all
> presentations.
> 4.  Please send me a list of the computer programs/software etc. you
> will be using during the workshop ASAP.  I need to get these to Greg our
> Sys-admin so that we can load these onto the machines.
> 5.  In efforts to link presentations and provide continuity we would
> like to gear the workshop around a common theme or  research problem:
> Net primary production.  I have attached a metadata document and a
> dataset from the Sevilleta LTER field station that I will be using for
> the metadata and morpho presentation.  Kristin will also be working with
> John Kim and Marshall to coordinate the database day and the web design
> day  and use the same data set.    I am also working with Kristin on
> creating a scenario around this data set and hope to send that out next
> week.  I have talked to most of you about this so it shouldn't be a
> stretch.
> 6.  I hope to have a participant list to you by Monday at this point I
> am still waiting on one reviewers comments,

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