[seek-dev] climate data

Bing Zhu bzhu at sdsc.edu
Tue Nov 23 10:21:08 PST 2004

Hi Dan,

Let me know if there is any problem related to SRB and I will be happy to
provide technical support.

I just checked the SRB server with port 6613 (or 7613 for SRB v3.0.0+) and
it is running and you should be able to connect to SRB server now.

Bing Zhu
SRB Team
SEEK project
San Diego Supercompter Center
bzhu at sdsc.edu

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    Now things seem to be working fine for me! You just have to wait a
little while before the icon changes from red to white!  (Earlier this
AM that wasn;t happening) Maybe a SRB server was down?


Dan Higgins wrote:

> Deana,
>    I noticed that this morning also. I thought at least some of the
> data worked OK last week! I doublt that it is an EML problem. We will
> take a look.
> Dan
> --
> Deana Pennington wrote:
>> The IPCC data is not dragging and dropping onto the workflow panel
>> correctly.  It ends up not showing any fields or associated ports.
>> All of these data sets are raster sets.  I suspect either I need to
>> do something different in the eml, or the EML ingestion actor is not
>> set up to handle spatial raster data.  Which is it?
>> Deana

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