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Notice that OGSA-DAI faces the same question as we encountered in our


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National e-Science Centre News

All Hands Submission Deadline
The deadline for submission of papers for All Hand has been extended to
11:59pm on 8 April 2004.  The process and further information can be
found at: http://www.allhands.org.uk/submissions/index.html

Request for Opinions on the Future of OGSA-DAI

The OGSA-DAI project (http://www.ogsadai.org.uk/) produced database
access and integration software based on OGSI. A successor project
(DAIT) is now running, but given the recent announcements from
IBM/Globus regarding OGSI, we must choose a new platform on which to
base future releases. Two options are being considered:
 - building on the emerging WSRF specifications
 - building on basic Web Service (WS-I only) specifications

The project's Technical Board is currently investigating the feasibility
of delivering releases for both platforms. This would allow users to
make the choice that suits their requirements.

We would value the opinions of the UK e-science community on this
possible approach. There is a proforma at the end which you can edit to
structure your reply.
In particular:
 - If you are an existing user then we'd be interested in how long you
intend to use the OGSI version, and whether you have a preference
regarding future platforms.
 - If you are not currently a user, but are considering using the
software, then we'd like to know if you have a preference regarding
future platforms.
 - If you have no requirement for Data Access and Integration middleware
it would still be useful to know so that we can build a more accurate
picture of the user community.

We would prefer a short reply that reflects your immediate thoughts
rather than no reply at all as we'd like to gauge expected usage as
accurately as possible. However, any detail that you can offer about the
uses you plan, and the context in which OGSA-DAI would be used, would be
very helpful. If possible, we would also like to know about the expected
user community of your software and how long you expect to continue
developing and supporting it.

Any other comments and opinions would be valued.

Please e-mail them to me at Paul.Watson at ncl.ac.uk, preferably by April
6th, but later if that is not possible.

There is also another opportunity to discuss the direction of OGSA-DAI.
On April 7th we are holding an OGSA-DAI User group meeting at NESC
(http://www.nesc.ac.uk/esi/events/401/). This is a chance to hear users
talk about their experiences, and to take part in discussions that will
influence the future direction of the project.

 Paul Watson
 (on behalf of the DAIT team).

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To Paul.Watson at ncl.ac.uk

Please edit as appropriate...

Response from Project / Centre / other : <name optional>
We have A / NO requirement for DAI middleware
We currently DO / DO NOT use OGSA-DAI
We will continue to use OGSA-DAI on OGSI until <date>
We require DAI running on a basic Web Service (WS-I only) platform We
require DAI running on a WS-RF platform Expected start date of
requirement: <date> Expected end date of requirement: <date> Expected
user community: <n> users


The release of the MS.NETGrid-OGSI 2,0,the final deliverable of the
MS.NETGrid project which has now completed. This is a prototype of an
OGSI-compliant container for the Microsoft .NET platform. The prototype

-A programming model based upon ASP.NET .asmx files.
-A hosting environment for Grid services.
-Implementations of the GridService, Factory and Notification-related
-Example services including a demonstration of an OGSA-DAI Grid -Data
Service which hooks into Microsoft SQL Server. -Bug fixes and
refactorings to MS.NETGrid-OGSI 1.2. -Functionality to allow services to
be persisted in flat files or within  Microsoft SQL Server.

The release can be downloaded at
http://www.epcc.ed.ac.uk/~ogsanet/software.html. Our project WWW site
also contains links to design overview documents and a user guide.

Upcoming Events at NeSC
OGSA-DAI User Group Meeting, 07 April, 2004
The meeting will be an opportunity for users of OGSA-DAI to meet each
other and the developers of OGSA-DAI in order to share experiences, to
discuss requirements and to prioritise development. The goals of the
meeting include:

To encourage the user community and enable them to collaborate
To get feedback on their experience with OGSA-DAI - identifying current
To enable the OGSA-DAI team to better understand the users and their
To get feedback on the OGSA-DAI development Road Map, particularly the
plans for release 5 (R5), scheduled for October 2004 To find out further
information and to register for this event please go to:

Globus 2 / Level 2 Grid connection training course, 01 - 02 April 2004
The course will consist of an even mixture of presentations and hands on

It is aimed at System administrators who want to host a Globus GT2 based
installation and developers who need to install Globus GT2 to do
development work. People attending the course should have experience
using Unix/Linux and should have some system administration experience
to get the best from the course.

There are a few places left on the above course.  If you would like to
attend please e-mail adminteam at nesc.ac.uk.

Please email "list-subscriptions at nesc.ac.uk" if you wish to be
removed from this mailing list.

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