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Bing Zhu bzhu at sdsc.edu
Fri Mar 26 10:35:47 PST 2004


Sounds good to me.

I originally also thought that either Metacat or SRB should be a good choice
storing ontologies since we already built query function for Metacat and SRB
(Digir too)
in Ecogrid.

Let us work on the Metacat approach first. Please send me some documents
or examples to create datasets in Metacat.
(If you have several Metacat instances, please let me which one is to be
used for
our SEEK project.)



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As the OWL documents are XML docs, I think an easy way to put them into
the EcoGrid is to insert them into a metacat server (it supports any XML
content).  That way they will be searchable and available from the API
Jing is putting into Kepler (the ecogrid client).  Sound good?  If so,
let me know and we can show you how to load them.

The registry that Rod is building sounds like a less appropriate place
for storing them.


Rod Spears wrote:
> Although I am on vacation I thought I would answer this quickly. The
> registry directory is for the registry work I have done. Not everything
> is checked in yet (like the Java Server Pages), it should build and not
> effect any of the other builds.
> Rod
> Bing Zhu wrote:
>>Matt, Jing, Rod and other Ecogrid researchers,
>>I noticed that there is a new directory, registry, under Ecogrid. What's
>>current status
>>of this one?
>>Shawn and I have been talking about storing ontologies in Ecogrid. A
>>registry is
>>an ideal place for this.  (I think the registry has its own built-in query
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