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Shawn Bowers bowers at sdsc.edu
Wed Mar 17 16:49:58 PST 2004

Out of curiosity, what exactly is the "SEEK requirement" for dataset use 
in analytical pipelines. For example, your email below seems to suggest 
detailed EML metadata and placement in a catalog service (EcoGrid), 
which involves placement in a SEEK-aware catalog system (Metacat or SRB, 
e.g.) that I am assuming are (or will be eventually) curated.

Are there other requirements? Are these or additional requirements 
captured somewhere?


Matt Jones wrote:

> Deana,
> I took a look at the site containing the data.  In order to get it into 
> EcoGrid reasonably, we really should develop some EML metadata 
> descriptions of the products you are interested in from that site.  I'm 
> not sure how much work that would be -- depends on how complex and 
> variable the different data sources are.  Once we have an EML 
> description of each source, we can add them to the EcoGrid (currently 
> that means manually adding the EML and the data to one of the EcoGrid 
> systems).  My guess is that Metacat and SRB could be used for this one, 
> but DiGIR is probably not appropriate for this data type.  Jing is 
> working on putting EcoGrid access capabilities into Kepler, so once the 
> data sets are accessible in EcoGrid you should be able to use them in 
> Kepler in the workflow Chad is developing.
> Matt
> Deana Pennington wrote:
>> At the BEAM/AMS/KR meeting in early Feb, we designed a first 
>> application for the ecological niche modelling community, that 
>> involves analyzing the effect of various modeled climate change 
>> scenarios on mammal populations.  To do the analysis, we need to use 
>> climate data from the following site:
>> IPCC climate change:    http://ipcc-ddc.cru.uea.ac.uk/
>> There will be other sites as well; I'll let you know when I find out 
>> what they are.  We will need to either set these up as nodes on the 
>> EcoGrid, or mirror the sites on one of our nodes.  Could someone 
>> please take a look at this site, and let me know if that is possible 
>> any time in the near future?  I am currently trying to figure out 
>> exactly which data are needed, and what we will have to do to them to 
>> get them into the workflow Chad is constructing.
>> Thanks,
>> Deana
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