[seek-dev] SRB ecogrid services

Bing Zhu bzhu at sdsc.edu
Wed Mar 17 12:31:03 PST 2004


I updated SRB examples in the seek cvs area. In double-checking
the SRB ecogrid through Rod's registry, I found that a query would 
fail if the query document for the query is not properly copied into 
the query document text area, especially the query value would have 
an extra carriage return character when the whole document is copied 
from a terminal.

Please re-test SRB node with the examples in cvs area. And you can
also change the query string value to verify your answer(s).

(As I put in the readme file in the client package, it is important
to have an condition with the value for attribute, concept, is 'srbURI'
if you want to build your own query.)


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