[seek-dev] access LTER data in SRB in Ecogrid

Bing Zhu bzhu at sdsc.edu
Wed Mar 17 06:24:44 PST 2004

Matt and Raja,

Yesterday's SEEK meeting at UCSD reminded me that I should have pointed out
clearly the way to access LTER data in SRB through our Ecogrid.

In the Ecogrid client package I sent to SEEKers before (3/5/2004), I
included an
important example, srb-lter.xml, in 'testfiles' subdirectory, which
is also described as an example in the file, Readme.txt.

This example serves as a generic way to query LTER data within SRB for
metadata based search of LTER data and even can be used to do a search
for the content of a given collection such as sub-collections and datasets
within a given collection. This example is also valid for the 'get'
for getting real data from SRB's LTER datasets via Ecogrid level I

Again the identified Ecogrid node for SRB level I service is orion.sdsc.edu.
And the GSH of Ecogrid level I implementation for SRB is:


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