[seek-dev] Design documents for kepler

Rod Spears rods at ku.edu
Wed Mar 17 05:50:46 PST 2004

I downloaded and installed Adobe's SVG viewer but it only works in IE. 
Anyone know if it works in Netscape?

Also, when using it in IE I can only see the top 2 diagrams and there 
are no scrollbars.

Is there a better SVG viewer?


Jing Tao wrote:

>Dear ecogrid folks:
>The design documents are in kepler/docs/dev dir.
>The file ecogridDatasetClassDiagrams.vsd is for class diagram design. And 
>the file ecogridDatasetDesign.svg is for collaboration design.
>Screenshots is in sub dir - screenshots. The first one is init.png. The 
>following ones are: datasetGUIDisplayBeforeExpand.png, 
>datasetGUIDisplay.png, dragDataTableSelectionAttribute.png, 
>dragDataTable.png and lookInside.png. 
>The metadata display and data display are doubleClickMetadataDisplay.png 
>and doubleClickDataDisplay.png.
>The advance search screenshots are: subjectSearch.png,  
>taxonomicSearch.png, spatialSearch.png and optionSearch.png.
>Hope this is helpful for tomorrow's conference. Talk with you at 10:00 am 

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