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Arcot Rajasekar sekar at sdsc.edu
Mon Jan 12 11:11:07 PST 2004

Hi Matt
	 Thursday January 15th at 1pm PST
is fine with me.


On Mon, 12 Jan 2004, Matt Jones wrote:

> Hi Raja,
> Thanks for the note.  I more or less agree with your assessment.
> Unfortunately, I haven't tracked the progress to date very effectively,
> so I'm not sure if we're ready to package stuff up.  I think we should
> have another conference call to firm up the progress and decide on a
> release date and its contents.  The call should include you, me, jing,
> bing, dave, and rod at a minimum.  I propose
>     Thursday January 15th at 1pm PST
> for a conference call.  Can everyone do it at 1pm PST?  Please let me
> know if you can not.  When we finalize the time, I'll send out
> conference call information to everyone.
> Some additional notes below...
> Arcot Rajasekar wrote:
> >
> > Hi Matt
> > 	Bertram, Bing and I had a long conversation about what is done and
> > what is needed in the next phase of the project.  I looked at what we had
> > laid out in our Seattle meeting and later confirmed at the  Santa Barbara
> > meeting. I think we should package the Ecogrid up and
> > provide it with an easy use client sp that our SEEK scientists canm start
> > playing with it and give feedback to this.
> > I suggest that we quickly make the following available:
> >     1. Server
> > 	Metacat wrapper  (Jing)
> > 	SRB Wrapper   (Bing)
> > 	Digir wrapper (?)
> >         Xanthoria wrapper (?)
> Maybe we can get DiGIR out, but I doubt Xanthoria at this point.  I
> think Rod has been struggling with getting the basic GT3 setup in place,
> which indicates to me that GT3 will likely have some serious deployment
> issues.  But no harm in our releasing what we have working in
> Metacat/SRB as an alpha of some sort.
> >
> >      providing the following functionalities:
> > 	query
> > 	get
> > 	put
> We haven't implemented "put" AFAIK, unless we got it for free by
> switching to using GridFTP.
> >    2. set up a SEEK registry (already done by Matt)
> Actually, not complete.  I figured out that we could use the globus
> tools here, but we still have some work to define the metadata for
> services that will be registered, install a production GT3 instance to
> act as a registry node, and write up documentation about how to do it
> (register a node).
> >    3. get a client package
> >          for java based developer users
> >          for web-based users with a simple interface into SEEK ecogrid.
> Agreed.  Jing has a initial client available.  We can and should package
> this as a library for distribution and make a web interface.  But...we
> need to do a code review to make sure it is designed properly.  At this
> point there has been very little design going into the code that's been
> written, so its all rather ad-hoc.  This is mostly because we've been
> experimenting with GT3 which has been troublesome at the least.
> I also think we should make it a high priority to make Kepler
> communicate over the EcoGrid to retrieve data.  This has been the
> limiting factor to demonstrating many of the Kepler tools.  I am hoping
> Jing can incorporate his current client in Kepler by the BEAM meeting in
> ABQ coming up in a few weeks.
> >
> > This will give the portal into SEEK with some EcoGrid funbctionality which
> >     we can add more functionality through WSDL for AMS/SMS and such
> Agreed.  One other major component needs to be finalized before we can
> proceed: a production CA and a testing framework.
> We decided on an architecture for it at the last meeting, but haven't
> made any real progress towards setting that up.  Until this is set up,
> we won't be able to share data at all unless we decide to only expose
> anonymously accessible data over EcoGrid for now.
> In Santa Barbara we agreed we needed a testing framework to use to test
> various EcoGrid implementations.  Rod agreed to code this, probably in
> JUnit, but I haven't heard anything from him.  This would allow us to
> insert some standard data in a EcoGrid node, query it, and retrieve it,
> making sure we're getting the exact same behavior from Metacat, SRB and
> other EcoGrid wrapped services.  I think we need some progress on this
> before we can release in good conscience.
> > Once this is done, we can redirect the EcoGrid team to AMS work until we
> > have gathered more user input  at which time we can proceed to
> > level2 and level3 or EcoGrid implementation
> OK.  I think some of the other EcoGrid interfaces are important, such as
> aggregation nodes, but we can discuss that relative to other priorities
> during the conf call.
> Matt
> >
> > What do you think?
> >
> > 	thanks
> > 		raja
> >
> >

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