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Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Aug 5 11:13:14 PDT 2004

Hi Rod,

I think the next step is a review by the project developers once you 
have checked in the code.  The review should cover 1) effectiveness of 
the proposed UI, 2) effectiveness of the software design in terms of 
interfaces and modularity.  Probably Jing, Chad, Dan, and I can look it 
over, as well as anyone else who is interested.  If everyone agrees it 
is good, then we should discuss how to get user input into the process 
(ie, whether we should implement it and then ask for feedback, or vice 
versa, given that it will be hard for our target users to envision what 
an interface such as this does in the abstract).

I think you should do the integration into Kepler, but until you've made 
some code contributions to Kepler you'll have to work through someone 
else (Jing or Dan or Chad) to do cvs checkins.  Jing is writing the 
backend that will be processing your queries, so he's a logical person 
to handle the checkins for you as your query ui will need to be 
interfaced with his query processor.  Once you've contributed this 
module I think we can then ask for CVS write access for you for Kepler.


Rod Spears wrote:
> What is the next step for the Query Builder?
> After getting it checked in, who will do the integration into Kepler?
> Rod
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