[seek-dev] Lastest QueryBuilder

Rod Spears rods at ku.edu
Tue Aug 3 12:49:07 PDT 2004

I just put up a new jar file that can be found at:

I highly recommend downloading the jar and running it as an application 
(you can save and load queries when using it as an app).

The new features:

    * The schema portion of the UI can be loaded from a "schema" object
      or from a XML file representing the schema.
    * The schema can be saved to a XML file.
    * A UI can be loaded from a "query" XML file and any changes to the
      query can be saved out as XML.
          o The "layout" of all the tables (and joins) in the advanced
            tab are saved in the XML file representing the query. NOTE:
            The layout information is not required for loading a query
            from XML.
          o The query validates its table and field names against the
            schema when it is loaded from a file.
    * In the Standard panel, a horizontal split pane has been added to
      the upper pane containing the tab control. This enable the use to
      show or hide one of more of the table's "tabs"
    * In the Advanced panel, a horizontal split pane has been added to
      the upper pane containing "desktop" view of the tables. The new
      right pane contains the all the table names and can be used to add
      additional tables to the desktop pane.
    * The tool will warn if you try to switch from the Advanced tab to
      the Standard tab when the query is too complex for the Std tab.
      Also, when going fom the Std tab to the Adv tab it will do it's
      best to create "joins" from the criteria.
    * I still have some testing to do, I may have caused a reqgression
      or two with all the new features.


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