[seek-dev] Re: [SEEK-Taxon] some notes on digital object identifiers

thau@learningsite.com thau at learningsite.com
Thu Nov 20 11:21:45 PST 2003


I have two small implementation questions about this:

> The EcoGrid group is using the GSH/GSR mechanism to identify and locate 
> data objects in the grid as well as identify and locate Grid Service 
> instances (such as the EcoGrid Query servers, and computational services 
> such as Garp).  We've been discussing the exact format of the URIs we'll 
> be using for our handles, and so far are thinking of something along 
> these lines, although its not final: 
> ecogrid://some.registered.institution/identifier/subid/subid/...

First question: what types of things are the subids?

Second question: how does this work? :)  I understand (at a
non-implementational level) what's going on with the GSH/GSR mechanism,
handle resolvers and all that, but I'm not sure how that can be used to
reference individual data objects. Is there some other component (MDS3 or
something) that I should be looking at?


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