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Bing Zhu bzhu at sdsc.edu
Mon Nov 10 10:29:20 PST 2003


It is great that we just need to modify the RTF code to implement our GET.

In this approach, our GET is an extension for the current RTF, meaning
that our GET actually supports the following protocols.
- ecogrid:
- grid-ftp
- http
- ftp

(The implementation for grid-ftp, http and ftp is a gift from RTF.)
So the ecogrid users have a flexibility to get data within eocgrid or
from any file system.


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Hi, Bing:

Thanks for the suggestion and info. I am looking at RFT and it is an
OGSA based service that provides interfaces for controlling and monitoring
3rd party file transfers using GridFTP server. Basically, client pass a
src and des gridftp url, then the grid service will control the file

I already install the grid service (RFT) in my local machine and
successfully transfer file from my local gridftp server  to my local
gridftp sever :). I tried to transfer form my local machine to dev and got

I am thinking we can modified the RFT code to achieve our GET method(I
already foud source code). I think there are two parameters will be pass
to GET, one is the document identifier and the other is destination url
(either a gridftp url or file url). Then GET method will do the two steps as
described(first get the source for Metacat or SRB, then call gridftp JAVA
API to send it). A integer will be returned from GET indicates if the ftp
successes or fails.

The issue I am think is about certicification. Probably it will take some
time to figure out.



On Wed, 5 Nov 2003, Bing Zhu wrote:

> Matt and Jing,
> Currently the OGSA version of grid-ftp is not available according to
> William(Bill) Allcock's
> mail below.
> Here is what I suggest for our GET.
> If the Java package for grid-ftp as you pointed in the web page
> http://www-unix.globus.org/cog/jftp/guide.html
> work, we can implement our GET file JAVA client with following steps.
> 1. GET contacts our Ecogrid system with a Ecogrid object ID and the grid
> service
>     returns actual host name along with physical path. (This is a OGSA
> service call.)
> 2. GET then call Java grid-ftp APIs to contact the grid-ftp server in that
> host to get
>     the file transferred.
> Since Metacat store files as links, this approach should work well with
> Metacat.
> For the SRB system, if files are actually stored inside SRB, streaming
> of files into grid-ftp server can be a pain.
> The grid-ftp driver I developed is another way around, i.e. SRB is on top
> grid-ftp. But I don't worry about this.
> SRB has other data model of using file registration in which files resides
> in their own place(s) and SRB just have links
> pointing to them. This is exactly the same as the implementation in
> So I didn't see any problem here.
> Bing
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> Subject: RE: OGSA version grid-ftp
> The only thing we have right now, is the Reliable File Transfer Service
> (RFT)
> http://www-unix.globus.org/toolkit/reliable_transfer.html
> The rest of the OGSI-ification of GridFTP is VERY up in the air right now.
> The ideas around this work are mostly being discussed in the GGF Data
> and Integration WG.  This will be a major thrust for next year, but right
> now
> I can't really tell you what it will look like, or when we will deliver
> Bill
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> >
> >Bill,
> >
> >This is Bing again. This time I am sending the mail as a developer from
> >the Science Environment for Ecological Knowledge (SEEK) project.
> >
> >We are interested in an OGSA version (or wrappers) grid-ftp. I heard in
> >GlobusWorld 2003
> >in San Diego that your team had been working on this. Would you provide
> >some updates
> >or some web links so that I can do an evaluation for the SEEK project? We
> >are also interested
> >OGSA-version grid-ftp APIs. Thanks.
> >
> >Sincerely,
> >Bing
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