[seek-dev] New Organization for SEEK CVS

Shawn Bowers bowers at sdsc.edu
Thu Nov 6 10:55:56 PST 2003

Hi everyone, 

We have just merged the "kr" and "sms" sub-directories in CVS under the
seek/projects directory.  The new, merged directory is now called "kr-sms"  
to reflect the connection between the two efforts.

Within kr-sms there are currently three subdirectories: docs, ontologies,
and presentations.

The docs directory is for white papers, reports, working papers, published
papers, etc., that we write concerning kr and sms. Currently, there are
only three documents in the directory.  Two early technical notes by Rich
Williams and a Workshop paper by Bertram and I.  We may want to further
organize this directory as we write more papers and such.

Within the presentations directory, there is currently only one 
sub-directory called SantaBarbaraOct2003. This directory contains the 
slides I presented at the SB all-hands meeting and the slides from the 
breakout session.  Rich, you may want to upload some of your 
ontology/protege slides, e.g., from Santa Barabara and from ABQ (I 
think I have some slides from ABQ that I can add as well).  

The ontologies directory went through a major reorganization. It now
contains a sub-directory for each ontology domain including CarbonFlux,
EcologicalConcepts, Scaling, and so on.  We (Mark, Matt, and I) felt this
organization would be easier to manage as more ontologies are written, and
would help others find relevant ontologies.  One glitch with the
organization is that I don't believe the protege projects will properly
reference each other. Hopefully that doesn't mess anyone up too badly.  


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