[seek-dev] initial info of OGSA-DAI

Bing Zhu bzhu at sdsc.edu
Tue Jun 24 17:34:19 PDT 2003

While I am installing OGSA-DAI and reading OGSA-DAI documents,
I’d like to share some initial info about OGSA-DAI.


Bing Zhu
Programmer/Analyst III
Data and Knowledge Systems
San Diego Supercomputer Center
bzhu at sdsc.edu

OGSA-DAI Researchers and Developers
UK Database Task Force
Global Grid Forum DAIS-WG
Globus team

To provide OGSA based services for accessing XML data repositories and
relational databases.

Based on the documents, the current release supports MySQL and Apache
Xindice which is a XML database.

Required Software for OGSA-DAI
Java (version 1.4 or above).
Tomcat (version 4.1.12 or above).
Ant (version 1.5 or above).
Junit (version 3.8.1 or above).
Globus Toolkit 3 Alpha 2.

Supported Platforms
Solaris 8.
Microsoft Windows 2000.
Microsoft Windows XP.
Redhat Linux.

Some Useful Links
 OGSA-DAI home: http://www.ogsadai.org/index.php
 Recommended articles for an overview of OGSA-DAI:

 Grid Data Services:

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