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Peter McCartney peter.mccartney at asu.edu
Mon Dec 15 15:38:55 PST 2003

We looked at Geovista as a possible library for building up some basic
geo processing services, mainly for grid data layers and found that most
of what had been contributed to the project was geared more toward
advanced visualzaiton and modeling. So we're now looking at using GRASS
as a basic processing engine and just wrapping it in a monarch-like
fashion. Grass is free and has an easy commandline interface. 

There is a faculty member here at ASU that is working with Penn (shes a
former student)on an upcoming proposal to develop some new modules for
Geovista that my lab might collaborate with, but again, the focus isnt
really on the basic operations (resample, reclass, etc) that we wanted
for doing spatial scaling steps. 

Peter McCartney (peter.mccartney at asu.edu)
Center for Environmental-Studies
Arizona State University

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> Ricardo,
> We've moved past using GVS as the main framework, and instead 
> are still 
> hoping to use its visualization tools as an endpoint in many Ptolemy 
> executed pipelines.  This means trying to figure out how to 
> call up GVS 
> and its tools from another environment -- not something it was built 
> for.  But...we're hopeful.  We've also been contemplating ways to 
> involve Mark G. more directly in the SEEK work, so if you've got any 
> good ideas let us know. Any experiences you have with GVS 
> would be good 
> to hear about on seek-dev.
> Hope you're enjoying your new home in Kansas!
> Matt
> Pereira, Ricardo Scachetti wrote:
> > 	Matt and Deana,
> > 
> > 	I finally settled in here in Kansas, so I was hoping to 
> catch up with 
> > you a little bit.
> > 	Do you know what happened to GeoVista Studio people and 
> software?
> > 	Have you had any contact with Mark at all. After that PennState
> > visit in June, Mark and James McGill were helping me 
> compile the project
> > but then it got really hard and we sort of lost contact. 
> Later he told
> > me in a message that he would be going to the SEEK 
> All-hands meeting to
> > catch up with you guys. What happened? 
> > 	Anyway, are you still considering GVS for SEEK? Do you still
> > need a report on that?
> > 	Keep in touch.
> > 	Regards,
> > 
> > Ricardo
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