[seek-dev] Help getting ams to work

Pereira, Ricardo Scachetti rpereira at ku.edu
Fri Dec 12 05:59:23 PST 2003

  I'm trying to put ams code to work (seek/projects/ams) but with not much joy. I was wondering whether someone on the list could give me some help.
  I followed the instructions on README and this is the result so far (see output.txt and errors.txt generated by ant). By the error messages, it seems to me that javac is not finding ptolemy.* packages, but I don't know how to fix it. Not sure if I put a wrong path somewhere in build.xml or what.
  I'm using Windows XP Professional to build the project. Might try Linux if I can't get past that error.
  I noticed that there are no references to versions of the dependencies used to compile the project on the README. It seems to me that PTII 2.0.1 is the right one for ams. But there is a newer one (3.0.2) on Ptolemy II site, so I wasn't sure which one to use. Version 3.0.2 seems to be missing some files (vergilConfiguration.xml), so I guess the other one was the right one.
  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ricardo Scachetti Pereira
University of Kansas
Natural History Museum
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