[seek-dev] Some name issues in ecogrid

Rod Spears rods at ku.edu
Fri Dec 5 10:48:51 PST 2003

That makes a lot more sense to me now.


Jing Tao wrote:

>Hi, folks:
>I am thinking to change some names in EcogridSoap.gwsdl which is the base 
>to create our stubs. The name change will cause lots of other files 
>changes include stub and implementation. So we should be careful and hope 
>it can be finalized as early as  possible. ( I don't want to change it 
>again, because it is boring and careful job :))
>First, is the file name itself. I don't think EcogridSoap.gwsdl is good. I 
>would like change to EcoGridQueryInterfaceLevelOne.gwsdl or something like 
>Second, is the namespace of the file. I would like to change it from 
>"ecogrid://ecoinformatics.org/ecogrid-soap-1.0.0beta1" to 
>Third, is the portType name. From "EcogridSoapPortType" to 
>Any suggestion and comment are appreiciated!
>Jing Tao
>National Center for Ecological
>Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS)
>735 State St. Suite 204
>Santa Barbara, CA 93101
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