[seek-dev] Re: Just to make sure

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Dec 4 13:52:30 PST 2003


The instructions you quoted are wrong.

The formats I pasted into IRC are the right ones.  They should be setup 
correctly when you re-run gsi-setup with the simpleCA package.

Jing -- could you make sure that the instructions properly explain how 
to do the simpleCA setup for a host install by rerunning setup-gsi?  Thanks.


Rod Spears wrote:
> It's rebuilding now....
> So just to be sure, the instructions show this:
> 7. As root user, run command "export GLOBUS_LOCATION=`pwd`" then run 
> "./setup/globus/setup-gsi" in globus_home_directory.
>     When running the setup-gsi command,
>         the format for host is: O=SEEK,OU=ca.ecoinformatics.org,OU=EcoGrid
>         the format for user is: O=SEEK, OU=nceas.ucsb.edu, 
> OU=ca.ecoinformatics.org, OU=EcoGrid
>     Note: the format probably will be changed in the future.
> So exactly should my two strings be (I am still a little confused)?
> Thanks,
> Rod
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