[seek-dev]Nice CVS client for windows

Vieglais, David A vieglais at ku.edu
Tue Dec 3 10:04:05 PST 2002

Dear SEEKers,
I came across this CVS tool a couple of days ago, and find it so useful that
it's worthy of mention on the SEEK list.  TortoiseCVS is a *very* nice CVS
client for windows users.  It's integrated with the file manager, so you can
right click on a file / folder to check in /out, view diffs, etc.  Works
with SSH connections as well.  Everything that version control should be.  


Also, at some point it would be good to get hold of connection details for
the SEEK CVS repository at ecoinformatics.org plus some basic guidelines for
use - who can create new projects, documentation and coding standards, etc.

  Dave V.

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