[kepler-users] Workflow with instances dependency

Luis Assunção lass at isel.ipl.pt
Wed Jun 6 17:44:05 PDT 2007



In my current research I have to modulate a simulation where I have
thousands of input items and for each item I have the following workflow.


Task1 ->Task2->Task3->Task4

But Task2 of item K depends of the completion of Task1 from item K-1 and
Task3 of item K depends of the completion of Task4 from item K-1


I am interested to use modeling based on Workflows and I am also interested
to support task execution as a Web Service.

I am tried to modeling using Kepler with Web Service actor but I think it
isn’t suitable to describe an workflow with thousand of instances (huge
graphical boxes) and worst I don’t know the best way to describe task
execution with dependencies from previous execution?


Can someone advise me about what is the best pattern to this case?


I appreciate in advance some advising.

Many thanks


Luis Assuncao

Email: lass at isel.ipl.pt



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