[kepler-dev] Using the latest revision of Ptolemy gives problems

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Wed Sep 10 20:56:48 PDT 2008

Hi Faraaz,
I'm not seeing those errors building Ptolemy II within Eclipse.
 From the error.txt file, it looks like you are building Kepler
using Eclipse.

The CommPortIdentifier errors and other errors occur because
I upgraded from Sun's JavaComm, which is basically no longer
supported to RXTX, which can be found at

You could either install RXTX or use Eclipse to exclude

When building Ptolemy under Eclipse, configure searches for
the RXTX jar file and if it is not found, then
ptolemy/actor/lib/io/comm is excluded.  Also $PTII/.classpath.default
excludes that directory by default.  However, building Kepler
under Eclipse does not use configure so it does not search
for RXTX.  Hence the reason the Ptolemy Eclipse build would
work and the Kepler Eclipse build would not.

About _createSizeAttribute, this is probably a problem with
a Kepler copy of a Ptolemy file.

I'll see if I can build Kepler under Eclipse sometime soon, but
it will be a few days.


Faraaz Sareshwala wrote:
> Hello,
> For the past few weeks I have been using revision 50090 of Ptolemy and 
> the latest revision of Kepler. If I use the latest revision of Ptolemy, 
> I get a list of errors, most of which look like this:
>     * CommPortIdentifier cannot be resolved
>     * SerialPort cannot be resolved
>     * SerialPortEvent cannot be resolved
>     * The import gnu.io <http://gnu.io> cannot be resolved
>     * The method _createSizeAttribute() is undefined for the type
>       ExtendedGraphFrame
> Using revision 50090 works though. I've simply checked out the head 
> revision and have gotten these errors but I'm not sure if there is 
> anything else I need to do in order to have it compile.
> How has everyone else gotten the latest revision of Ptolemy to run 
> problem free?
> Thanks for all the help,
> Faraaz
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