[kepler-dev] Questions related to TypedIOPort

Chad Berkley berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu
Fri Nov 7 10:22:00 PST 2008

Hi Madhu,

I think you need to issue a changeRequest after you change the port name 
in order for it to show up in the UI.  There is an example of how to do 
this in 
around line 860 in the reconfigurePorts() method.

For the name duplication exception, you need to check the model to see 
if that parameter already exists and if so, remove it before adding a 
new one.


madhu wrote:
> Hello there,
>   I am trying to set the port's display name using
>    port.setDisplayName("XXX");
>   Nothing happens, It does not work.
>   In addition, I am also trying to hide more than one port at the same 
> time dynamically
>   Attribute att1 = new Attribute(fileInputPort, "_hide");
>   Attribute att2 = new Attribute(paramInputPort, "_hide");
>   I am trying to hide fileInputPort & paramInputPort dynamically in 
> attributeChanged method,but I get name duplication exception with 
> message "_hide" is already defined in the container when the the 
> Attribute att2 is executed.
>  I would greatly appreciate your suggestions & comments.
>  Thanks
> --Madhu
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