[kepler-dev] SVN or GIT

David Welker david.v.welker at gmail.com
Sat May 24 18:00:14 PDT 2008

This sounds reasonable to me.

It seems that going with SVN might be better at this point.

Where does git shine? It shines in its ability to merge. Most merges  
are trivial, and perfectly easy to do with SVN.

For those merges that are more complicated (for example, the merging  
of two branches that have been separated by a significant amount of  
time) you can use git-svn. That allows you to use git to merge  
branches stored in SVN repositories.

Also, it is not to hard to migrate from SVN to git if we decide we  
would like to do this later. For now, I would advocate sticking to  


On May 24, 2008, at 5:41 PM, Edward A. Lee wrote:

> At 12:36 PM 5/24/2008, David Welker wrote:
>> How hard is Git to use from the command line? Would it be  
>> unreasonable
>> to have people switch to the command line to checkout and commit?
> I would be opposed to this.
> In Eclipse, I routinely review checkins in key packages
> of Ptolemy II.  The diff mechanism of Eclipse is essential
> for this.  I don't groc command-line diffs...
> So losing this capability would result in reduced quality
> in the core of Ptolemy II, since if I can't easily check
> the checkins, I won't...
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