[kepler-dev] metacat question

Eric Magaha ericmagaha at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 09:15:38 PDT 2008


I have installed metacat with ecogrid.  I am trying NOT to use
authentication i.e. LDAP.  I created a custom class that implements the
AuthInterface.  I just want to "trick" kepler into thinking the user was
authenticated.  Is there something I have to specifically return in the
methods for AuthInterface, data in some format?  In Kepler, I am getting an
error in Kepler when trying to auth anonymously.

I get a dialog as follows....

"Error authenticating: Error authenticating: java.rmi.RemoteException:
Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL:

I am not sure how to troubleshoot this.

Thanks for any help.

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