[kepler-dev] PythonScript example workflow for dynamic GUI dialogs

Dan Higgins higgins at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Mar 13 11:25:21 PDT 2008

Hi All,
    I just checked in the example workflow 

    This workflow uses the PythonScript actor to dynamically create 
dialog for Kepler user input (simple text input and a choice box). It 
uses jython's capability of scripting Java swing widgets. I think this 
is a useful example that shows users how they could create new GUI I/O 
dialogs that execute when a workflow is running. This would also allow 
users to examine/modify parameters during execution.

    One specific example in the workflow is a choicebox for user input. 
This has been requested by several Kepler users.

     Comments/suggestions always appreciated.

Dan Higgins

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