[kepler-dev] Indent the Kepler code?

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Fri Mar 7 15:18:24 PST 2008

Hi Chad,

I certainly understand that you would prefer to not have the code
formatted to a different style.

I see source code as a publication with many authors.  When a paper is
written, a common style is used.  The style includes formatting (font,
size) and things like tense and hopefully a common tone.  When a paper
does not have a common style it tends to read like a kidnap note.

I'd like to see at least the release branch of the Kepler source code
formatted to a common format before it is published.  I'm not
particular about the format, I'd prefer it was either the Sun Java
format, the Eclipse format or the Ptolemy Format, all of which are
fairly similar.

I see several possibilities
1) Do nothing
2) Format only really ugly code, like the MatlabExpression file. 
3) Format everything before release in the release branch only
4) Format most code, leaving code with particular authors alone
5) Format everything.

I'm willing to live with #2, but I'd like to see the code reformatted
before release (#3)

Any comments?

I guess I'm not _that_ interested in having a big discussion about
formatting via email, it seems like a religious topic best discussed
over beer. :-)

So, I'm willing to move on to other topics . . .



    Hey Christopher,
    I'd prefer the entire kepler repository not be reformatted.  If I find a 
    file that is poorly formatted (like the MatlabExpression file), I 
    reformat it and recheck it in.  Although I agree in principal that the 
    whole codebase should use one format, I also like to let people have 
    their personal choices when they are writing code.  I personally don't 
    like many other formats and I find they slow me down when I'm coding. 
    I'd rather the files that I write and edit often use my style.  I also 
    respect other people's formatting and tend to write in whatever format 
    the file is in and I hope others do the same.
    Just my .02.
    Christopher Brooks wrote:
    > The Kepler code indentation is rather messy.
    > Perhaps someone could run the Eclipse indenter on it?
    > It might also be worth cleaning up any extraneous imports etc.
    > For example, kepler/src/org/dart/matlab/MatlabExpression.java
    > is almost unreadable - it has a mixtures of spaces and tabs for
    > indentation.  The tabs should be converted to spaces.
    > The Eclipse formatter settings for the Ptolemy coding style are documente
   d in:
    > http://ptolemy.eecs.berkeley.edu/ptolemyII/ptIIlatest/ptII/doc/coding/ecl
    > Comments?
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